Plant at Heyri, Paju City

PACO Corporation

built up its newest factory at Heyri, Paju City in 2018 with highly experienced technicians to realize automated production system. With this new production facility, we will utilize all our resources and accumulated techniques and knowhow to achieve maximum output.

Heyri factory, which was built on a 8,800 square meters site, uses quality raw materials because we put quality at the top priority to fullfill our responsibillity and duty.

We have successfully secured the quality of our products and that has been leading to sales growth for many years. The recently installed equipment will soon enable us to maxmize production efficiency through all production operations.

We, PACO Corporation, promises that we will grow into a global company and continue to contribute to successful business of our customers based on excellent staff, advanced technology and high quality products.


PACO Corporationhas been playing a leading role for improvements of industrial engineering solutions based on our excellent technology.

PACO Corporation R&D centeris always trying the best to find any possible improvements with continuous research on the process.

We try to solveany problems through process analysis, reconsidering the used main/sub raw materials to make improvement.


We are aware of the fact that the quality of our products has a decisive influence on the success of our clients.
Our contribution to customers must therefore be to provide completely satisfactory and absolutely fault-free products.

Constant improvements to products and processes as well as the inclusion of all employees in the continuous improvement process guarantee our competitiveness now and in the future.

The PACO quality management system
meets the requirements of ISO 9001.